Technical Manual Updating is a valuable customer service is not available from any Bus Supplier!

At or soon after a 'new bus' delivery the Transit Authority receives 'up-to-date' Technical Manuals and Maintenance Mechanic Training per contract. Over time, maintenance mechanics leave, parts supersede, alternative parts infiltrate the system, and products improve. As a result, the Parts Manual becomes a grease smudged, out of date document, ragged, with numerous written corrections, and missing pages.

An industry need exists to update these manuals (as near as possible) to the Bus Supplier's current technology. Unfortunately, Bus Suppliers only staff enough Trainers and Technical Publications Personnel to support 'new bus' deliveries.

This service takes two (2) of your Parts Manuals (a clean copy for reproductive purposes and the 'most modified' copy for editing). The clean copy is "scanned" into the computer and then updated from the 'modified' copy. Part numbers are checked for FLX supersession. A "draft copy" is taken to the Bus Supplier for an extensive 'parts/engineering' search for additional supercessions and product updates. If the Transit Authority has an 'in-house' part numbering system it can be incorporated in the text section as an added column. The "finished copy" is printed and returned to the Transit Authority.

Create a Maintenance/Purchasing Link; a part number connection to work order activity.

Mechanic Services specializes in 'employment searches' for bus mechanics. The program exists because the 'trucking' industry regularly steals transit mechanics with higher pay and a easier work assignment. Trucks are simple: an engine, cab, and a box on wheels. Transit buses haul a very precious cargo: people, which require complicated lifts, with lots add-on safety and comfort devices. This program utilizes three (3) sources to find mechanics: natural relocation, young-home grown, and 'un-retirees'.